In this blog, you’ll learn why we created Say Watt?! Podcast and what we hope to achieve with it.

We created Say Watt?! because…

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Say Watt?! Podcast Allows Us to Educate and Inform

Since 2014, Energy Ogre has made it our mission to help Texans take advantage of the competitive electricity marketplace. This undertaking is difficult for a number of reasons:

  1. Gimmicky plans flood TV, radio, and billboards throughout Texas that are designed to trick and mislead consumers
  2. Many don’t realize that electricity is generated, distributed, and purchased unlike any other commodity we use.
  3. Some don’t have the time to do the research, and those same people don’t know where to find relevant information!

There are so many factors at play when you’re shopping for electricity. Therefore it can be complicated for Texans to understand how the market works. And they unfortunately pay the price — often overpaying by 50% or more.

We launched “Say Watt?! Podcast,” our in-house podcast show, toward the end of 2019 to better educate and inform Texans. Although each show has a different topic, they all feature relevant information about the energy industry or the benefits of our service

Say Watt?! Podcast Guests Give Their Two Cents

Recently, we’ve invited experts onto the Say Watt?! Podcast show to give our audience a different perspective on various topics. Some of our expert guests may not work in electricity directly, but their input is still beneficial to you and your home.

In just the last few weeks, we’ve brought in the following industry leaders:

Sue Burnett: Founder and President, Burnett Specialists

Toner Kersting: Founder and Owner, TONER Home Matters

Joe Bany: Director of Field Operations, John Moore Services

Stay tuned for Joe’s episode of Say Watt Podcast?!— we’re going to add his episode shortly!

We Hope You Tune in Each Week

We typically release our Say Watt?! Podcast episodes on Fridays. Like most podcasts nowadays, we video record the show to allow our audience the choice of watching or listening.

Each episode is published to all major podcast platforms, Facebook, and our Youtube channel. Whether you’re driving to or from work, or you just finished dinner and want something to watch, we’re confident you’ll find our show informative and entertaining!

You can find our episodes here at the following links:

“Flash Facts” Offer Timely, Pointed Clips

To make it even easier for you to gain quick insights into our latest episodes, we created our “Flash Facts” series! This series gives you a more condensed version of each Say Watt?! Podcast episode.

Each Flash Facts video is a clip of the original episode, except it’s been trimmed down to that specific topic. We have a good assortment of topics to choose from!

Visit our Flash Facts playlist listed below! Click the button and scroll down to the second playlist entitled “Flash Facts: Say Watt?! Podcast Clips.”

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