Meet Mike Pede, Associate VP for Alumni Relations at the University of Houston. He has been an Energy Ogre member since 2015.  Mike trusts our team to ensure that he never overpays for electricity. Since joining Energy Ogre, he has been able to save his time and energy for what matters most in life.

Mike’s Energy Ogre Review

Before Energy Ogre, we bought our power just like anybody else. We went online or we got a flyer in the mail and we decided that this was going to be the best way to do it.

Since Energy Ogre, I don’t do anything. Life is easier. I know that I’m going to get the best rate. I know it’s gonna be for a period of time that makes it easier for me to renew and I know that it’s done.

Why would you want to do it yourself when you can trust somebody else to do it and do it right?

We couldn’t agree more, Mike!

Several factors can affect the amount of energy an individual household uses meaning each one is unique.

That’s why Energy Ogre’s technology analyzes the hundreds of electricity plans on the market (and also plans ONLY available to Ogres), considers all of the market variables and identifies the one tailor-made to fit each home’s unique usage profile.

Our team handles the selection of your electricity provider, enrolls you in the correct plan, and even handle the renewal activity for your account.

We use our technology and knowledge of the industry every single day to ensure our members only pay for what they need and nothing else.

Take the first step to becoming a member like Mike by using our free Savings Calculator!