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Ways to cure cabin fever:



Ok, let’s be real for a second. What we are experiencing across the globe is unprecedented. The news and social media are filled with articles about the COVID-19 virus. Most everyone is cooped up in their homes. (Except for those that are essential and out there risking their own health for the greater good.)

For most of us, life as we know it has almost entirely screeched to a halt. None of us know what the future holds, and that can be frightening, to say the least.



However, we here at Energy Ogre are optimistic that we will all get through this together, as a society, and hopefully also learn how to improve a few things that needed a revamp anyway.

We know how tough it can be to not leave your house unless absolutely necessary. We are right there with you. Literally, I’m writing this sitting in my recliner.

So, to cure my boredom and hopefully yours, I’ve gathered a list of ways to cure cabin fever while still keeping you and your loved ones safe…and sane.




Do your best to stay in touch with friends via text, phone calls, FaceTime, etc. It helps to have a little interaction every once in a while to not feel so isolated.

Here are some popular platforms right now for any of your needs:

Zoom: Great for work meetings. You get 40 minutes of group conferencing through the free option (1 on 1 meetings remain unlimited) or you can choose to purchase higher tiers with more features and unlimited minutes.

House Party:  This app is great for family and friend group video chats. They also have games you can play with each other while you hang out in your own respective homes!

Netflix Party – Not only do you get to watch the same Netflix movie or tv show as your friends, but it has a neat chat feature so you can add your own live commentary! Here’s a quick little “How To” in case you need some help setting it up and a list of movies and shows premiering this week.




At some point, we are going to run out of things to do, and maybe just maybe, we’ll get bored enough to get physical.



Seven Minute Workout App

Even if working out isn’t your favorite, it’s important to keep your body in tip-top shape. This app lets you customize your perfect quick exercise and has a lot of great features to keep you motivated, including competing with your friends! You can read about all of the features here.

Yoga on YouTube

While there are plenty of apps devoted just to yoga, you can find a large collection of yoga workouts for free on YouTube. This is especially helpful if you are just starting out. Also, yoga can make your body feel completely rejuvenated after all of that stretching. It’s a great way to come back to life after a 4 hour Netflix binge.

Learn a TikTok Dance Challenge

Use your spare time at home to learn a new dance routine. TikTok has been a saving grace with all this extra time on our hands.

This dance challenge #blindinglightschallenge has everyone joining in. 


And, if you can’t or don’t want to be that physical, just watch and laugh at everyone’s attempts.  It’s all in good fun!


Some of these families have some mad dance skills!

@tommy_braccoBracco boys in their element ##BlindingLightsChallenge ##fyp ##foryou ##foryourpage @philipbracco @philbracco♬ The Weeknd – Blinding Lights – gregdahl7

@maxxy2410Mum is letting the team down 🥴 ##fyp ##dance ##mothersday♬ The Weeknd – Blinding Lights – gregdahl7

@the.mcfarlandsYou asked for it… Here it is 📸 ##blindinglightschallenge ##blindinglights ##happyathome♬ The Weeknd – Blinding Lights – gregdahl7

Toilet Paper Workouts

Since you’re all stocked up on TP, get some extra use out of it. People all across the world are using it to create workout routines that not only work, but are entertaining to watch. 


For real, there is an entire hashtag dedicated to them.

@izzyhache02en-CORE for Corona ##familystyle ##toiletpaper ##foryou ##coreworkout ##coronavirus ##toiletpaperworkout @cskilz♬ Pump It – Gianmarco Ricco





Build an Obstacle Course

Pinterest has a ton of ideas on indoor obstacle courses for all ages. Or just make up your own! Now, go get it built before the floor turns to lava!


Have a pool? This family took it to the next level.

@ohkaychrisday 5… making the most out of it ##fy ##fyp ##coronavirus ##quarantine ##happyathome♬ Disney – reggiefisher15

Online Story Time

Celebrities such as Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, and Betty White read books to kids online.

Or astronauts from space!

Burn Their Energy

GoNoodle is a great resource to get your kid’s blood pumping and getting out any pent up energy from being stuck inside.

Want something little more low key? Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga.  


  • Draw a shadow outline of your child’s head and give them a neat way to remember some good memories right now. 
  • DIY robot masks are also inexpensive to make and they look really cool!
  • You can make your very own Ogre Avatar. You can even build an entire ogre family if you want!




Personally, I believe our pets are getting the best part of this deal. We are home with them constantly and they get all of the cuddles we can give. We have to have some of our own fun though!


This had to have taken some serious patience. Also, I know my dog would have woken up to the sound of the pringles can opening.

This guy invented a game to play with his cat, and now I wish I had a cat.





Spend More Time in Your Yard

Ok, so obviously don’t have a full-on block party. But you can hang out in your yard or take a walk around the block (just remember to practice social distancing).

King of the Hill Characters Are Social Distancing in New Meme


Schedule “Walk and Talk” Phone Meetings

Organize periodic walking phone or video chats with a coworker when you have something to discuss.

Instead of doing so from inside your home, put some pants on and go take in some fresh air. Pace around your front yard, make the block, just change it up a bit so you both get a chance to get out of the house for a bit. 



Museums, Zoos, Aquariums…you name it. They have all taken virtual tours to the next level. I included a few of my favorites, but there are plenty out there.

Visit cities and monuments around the world by exploring

More neat webcam tours:




Join Nextdoor is one of the best ways to stay in the loop for your neighborhood. Recommendations, advice, lost and found pets. More and more neighbors are utilizing this app every day.

Other neighborly suggestions that make the world go round:

  • Share spare supplies you don’t need
  • Ask around to see who may need some help
  • Make care packages
  • Make a pharmacy run
  • Make extra food to share


This neighborhood even put together a chat group to stay in touch and help each other.





You can’t help anyone else if you don’t take some time to take care of yourself too.


Don’t stop going outside completely.

Your body still needs the sun. Open curtains and windows and let the breeze flow through. Having plants to take care of can also help you feel better.


Create a cozy spot that pleases all your senses.

Which might include:

  • A cup of coffee
  • Warm socks
  • Soft blanket
  • A snack
  • Good book

The danish actually have a word for creating this type of experience for yourself called hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”). It’s worth the read!


Learn a skill or hobby

  • Meditation
  • Learn to Code
  • Teach yourself an instrument using YouTube
  • Take free online classes offered by several accredited universities




Not only are you helping keep those at higher risk safe and doing your part to flatten the curve, but being kind can also make you feel happier!

It’s a win-win-win!

We’d like to leave you with one more thing.

Enjoy this article of people sharing their very own “silver linings” during all of this. It really helps you keep things in perspective.


*To those of you on the frontlines, whether you work in healthcare, public safety, transportation, agriculture, retail or any other industries that are crucial to us, Energy Ogre would like to say thank you for stepping up and working long hours to keep us safe.



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